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Exodus Recovery Inc

The Exodus mission is to bring the tools for the best possible quality of life to our clients. Our concept of total health care incorporates the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each client. Our programs strive to create an environment which promotes the holistic treatment and dignity of all participating and to develop services maximizing clients’ self-determination.

Since the inception of Exodus Recovery, it has been our mission and purpose to develop and deliver integrated services to severely marginalized individuals with complex mental and physical illnesses and co-occurring disorders. Exodus seeks to serve the neediest and most vulnerable members of society who may be too unwell to access existing mental and physical healthcare, substance use services and social services systems. Exodus “Recovery” was founded in 1988 with the primary goal of promoting holistic wellness and recovery objectives through a system of programs recognized nationwide for innovation and excellence, including: 24/7 crisis stabilization, inpatient, outpatient, addiction services, residential, housing and homeless services. Operating statewide in California, Exodus services are delivered by a network of caring and compassionate clinicians who are committed to aiding and supporting this chronically ill population through our continuum of care and into mental, physical and emotional wellness.

Mental Health America of Los Angeles

Mental Health America of Los Angeles is a national leader in mental health service innovation, training, and advocacy. Each year, we serve more than 9,000 individuals, including transitional-age youth, veterans and their families, and many who are or have been homeless. Founded in 1924, MHALA is recognized for its paradigm of service delivery — now widely used across the country — that meets each person where they are, integrates services, is strength based, and respects clients’ choices for their own progress. With a staff of 400 and multiple sites across Los Angeles County, we offer a full range of services, including mental health services and coordination; housing assistance and placement; employment services; financial and benefits assistance; education; and wellness services.

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